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måndag 1 april 2013

Harrington Saints & Booze and glory - Split 10'' (2010)

01. Booze & Glory - Swinging fucking hammers
02. Harrington Saints - Claret and blue

Released by Longshot in 2010.

I love these releases mostly because of how they stick out in the shelves and crates.. Basicly a 7'' with bloody hammers knockin about on the turntable. Spin it up to 45rpm and see them swingin about like crazy.
Musical content?
Well believe it or not this is a Harrington Saints album i actually like. Their West ham anthem might be a bit bleak when put next to the fantastic workingmans anthem delivered by Polish-british-swedish Booze and glory. Never quite understood where that band belonged since i think the members are polish but reside in the UK though a friend of mine told me one of the members now live in Sweden... nevermind that though.
The record is a dedication to Bruce Roehers that passed away 3 years ago and all money goes to his Memorial Fund (?!?!). Never meet the guy and always hated the magazine he wrote for (Maximum RocknRoll) with their nazi witchhunt on punkbands so i couldnt give a fuck less about him or his memory but i can respect the decision and hope i don't spoil any funds by uploading it 3 years later.
Awesome design, good music and a nice thought behind it so pick it up if you don't already own it.
Or buy it from:
Pirate press

5 kommentarer:

  1. well, roehrs was kind of an exception in the mrr - people. he was just a music lover or should i say music maniac, and mostly didn't care about politics. he even reviewed kampfzone records and stuff like that...

  2. New B&G bass player is greek, so now it's a british/polish/swedish/greek band

  3. There are no Poles in Booze and Glory left. There is one guy who was born in Poland but he's not Polish.

  4. He sure has a polish name though...

    Every one lives in London though except for the drummerwho just moved back to Sweden.