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tisdag 16 april 2013

Blood n Beer - Early demos collection (2002-2007)

01. Blood-n-beer
02. Third world America
03. Man with a mission
04. Bloody laces
05. New song of hate
06. Oi! the matress
07. The policy
08. Drunktank blues
09. Just another show
10. Southend skinhead

Band from San ANtonio Texas with over 10 years of history but no releases to back it up (as far as i know the band is still going at it today). With that said one can understand that there is a ton of songs in their "demo stages" that never got released. These are some of them but far from all of them since their quite hard to find.

Band has changed line-up a couple of times but the line-up today is Juls on vocals, Jason and Ray on guitars, BJ on bass and Erok on drums. With the line-up changes comes a change in sound to  so pinning down a specific "sounds like" is quite hard here but it all ranges from the typical 90's sound of Brickwall United and Vibram 94 to the more fast and punkier sound of Squiggy.

Best songs in the bunch are: 
Bloody laces with its Squiggishy and fast speed mixed with excellent chants in the background.
Southend Skinhead with a more modern take on Oi! and with Juls almost sounding a bit Raybo (Bonecrusher) in the verses.

It might not be the best band in the genre but for a band like this to stay unsigned for 11 years is a bloody shame.

Blood n Beer - New song of hate

2 kommentarer:

  1. BJ is no longer in the band, I believe their bassist now is Gabriel.

    I'm from San Antonio, never cared for the recorded stuff but they do put on a good live show. The music is nothing original in the slightest but a fun band to see nonetheless, too bad they are banned from, well, everywhere.

  2. Blood-N-Beer are set for return in early 2014. They're still banned in a lot of places, so shows will be at places not usually known as punk/Oi venues. No recording deals for the reason B-N-B would rather stay true to themselves than kiss the asses of those who control scene politics. Check 'em out live cause they always deliver more than your money's worth (if there's even a cover) and will always help kill the booze and shoot the shit till closing time! Oi! Oi!