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fredag 26 april 2013

Fed Up! & Disavow - East meets midwest CD (2004)

01. Fed up! - Brutal takeover
02. Fed up! - Drunken violence
03. Fed up! - Bodacious tatas
04. Fed up! - Snitch bitch
05. Disavow - So few bullets
06. Disavow - Your turn
07. Disavow - By the numbers
08. Disavow - No more heros

Released by NGS Records in 2004.

Yet another split where Fed up! easily comes out as victors even though they hav left their more serious note about unity and patriotism behind for lyrics more fitting fans of Murphy's Law (thinking of Bodacious tatas). Best song on Fed up!s half is their second track called Drunken violence that goes more in the veins of Oi! than hardcore and remind me about later NY incarnations like the band Combate 49.

Disavow from Chicago is a whole other deal and to be honest they sound a bit to Swedish for my taste (never been a big fan of the sound except for Raised Fist maybe). As i mentioned before hardcore is far from something i know anything about so if this socalled "Swedish sound" comes from somewhere else then so be it, never claimed i know shit about it. But i guess they pull of the "whatever sound" sound like it should sound and anyone into this stuff will surely like them but for me the only song that stuck was Last chance.
Or buy it from various Ebay seller or big business stores like CD Baby and CD Universe (they don't need me linking them anything).

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