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onsdag 3 april 2013

Saint Street Brawlers - Story of a wasted life CD (2007)

01. The youth
02. Breakdown
03. Give em what you got
04. Tried & true
05. Trash TV
06. Raise a glass
07. Everynight
08. It's a problem
09. Faded American dream
10. Promised land
11. American fix
12. Pub song

Released by Shattered World in 2007.

A band with a brief history from Austin Texas that started around 2006 and only released this CD.

This is your run of the mill "black adidas shoe streetOi!" that sound a bit to nice and radiofriendly to be taken seriously by most of the scene. With this said i must say the music can be appretiated for what it is. It's not revolutionary or challenging in any way but offers up some decent drinking songs.

The most memorable song on the record is Raise a glass that is a dedication to young kids that sign up for armed combat but gets forgotten when their service is completed. Well worth a listen.
Or buy it from Interpunk.

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