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lördag 2 juni 2012

V/A - Anti-disco league CD (2006)

01. Retaliator - Give us back St. George's Day (UK)
02. Templars - Take on the world
03. Crashed out - Heroes (UK)
04. Haircut - France perdue (France)
05. Bulldogg samurai - Oi Oi Nippon (Japan)
06. Stomper 98 - Lebenslauf (Germany)
07. Counterattack - Brick & stone
08. Des kontrol - Des kontrol (Basque)
09. Southpaw manners - Lyonsheart
10. On file - Back in the papers (UK)
11. Pissed on arival - American psycho
12. Deadline - On the road (UK)
13. Adolf & the piss artists - Go home
14. Devilskins - Periferia (Italy)
15. No man's land - You and me (Indonesia)
16. Urban riot - Dangermouse

Released by Templecombe in 2006.

Not only one of the greatest t-shirts ever worn to decorate the cover but also an album with a whole lot of substance and a whole lot of good songs. Like in most cases when reviewing comps i must say it has its good and bad sides (guess comps cant deliver to everybodys taste and leave everybody happy at the same time. Even though both Deadline and Stomper 98 are two of the most overrated bands in my oppinion the Templecombe also adds some of my favourite bands like Retaliator and On file to the songlist.

Retaliator opens the album good with what is probably the best song on the whole comp. The lyrics take up the delicate subject of St. Georges Day and questions the lack of nationalistic pride in Britain today, a subject thats even more current today than in 2006 probably.

Other great bands/songs that i had never heard of before buying the album back in 2009 are Bulldogg Samurai and the Indonesian band No mans land that deliver a great and somewhat drunkensounding singalong ballad.

Most US bands sound great on the comp but the US gold goes to Counterattack (a band that needs to make a reuion).
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10 kommentarer:

  1. I really like No Man's Land. I've been playing their 'Scattered Around And Buried' album lots recently. The singer's accent is so heavy that you need the lyric sheet most of the time, but they do have a good sound.


    I used to like Deadline a lot. The first album they did got a lot of rotation here. Then they just never seemed as good again. Two mediocre-but-with-a-couple-of-okay-songs-on-them albums later I mostly stopped bothering with them.

    1. Yeah i know. Suffers the same issues that most great Japanese bands suffer from to. Love bands like Sledgehammer but i have never understood a single one of their English songs even with the lyrics available. Guuess we dont build sentences in the same way here in the west.

    2. I think that the style in Japan is to throw in a few English words here and there because it sounds good - to them, not because it necessarily makes sense. Or it'll just be something like SKINHEAD POWER! or FIGHT FOR JAPAN! or whatever shouted in the middle of a Japanese song.

      I once saw a SledgeHammer lyric sheet scan (dunno where now) - most of it wasn't actually in sensible English anyway.

      The No Man's Land lyrics are actually (reasonably) grammatically correct - the singer's accent is just unintelligible.

      I've noticed that out of all the Eastern Oi! bands, it's the Malaysian ones that speak the best, clearest English for some reason. Perhaps it's that schools in Malaysia are big on making kids fluent in a second language? As it would seem to be the case in Sweden too (but not England, unfortunately)?


    3. Same goes for South Korea too. Though i guess the English language is quite common there compared to other countries in asia like Kina etc. Cant say if the same goes for N.Korea though haha. Do they even have an Oi!-band there? Can guess the RAC gigs gets cracked down atleast.

    4. Misandao don't seem to like the Chinese system. Does this make them an RAC band? One that also namechecks SHARP?

      I was thinking about this the other day...

      Their lyrics are also suitably mangled.



      It's the Bottom Defense Skinheads all over again...


    5. With all political fractions out of the way today the meaning of the names dont contradict each other. Sure the RAC scene has always been rightwinged but i dont think all members in all bands associated with the RAC movement has had any racial convictions.
      I listen to RAC out of a musical standpoint. Sure i wave the flag and hate leftwinged fascism but to me RAC is just a heavier and most of the time a more honest approach to Oi!. Compare Angelic Upstarts sound with Strikeforce UK's and tell me wich one is more punk and honest.

    6. I'll listen to a lot of things - and plenty of things with some political messages that I don't necessarily agree with and some bands that people on the internet like to accuse of holding views that they themselves deny if asked, but when it comes to racial, religious bigotry or scapegoating the immigrants, 14/88/28, etc. I just turn off completely. Not my thing at all. Not even something that I could get used to if the music was good.

      As there are different ways that people choose to define the term 'RAC', that it's hard to say for certain whether I'm 'against' it or not.

      RAC = Nazism/fascism/racism/holocaust denial/etc,
      RAC = Literally not liking communism
      RAC = Anyone further to the right than
      RAC = Bands who have some 'rah! rah! rah! ' songs
      RAC = A band with skinheads in it that doesn't loudly and regularly rep SHARP or beating up Nazis
      RAC = A band with a guy in it who was once in a band with..., or stood next to someone for a photo at a gig who is..., or owns a Skrewdriver record, or was onstage when a few people in the crowd started Hitler-saluting, etc. etc.
      RAC = A band who has a song dissing the people to whom the above definition is serious business



    7. Some of my words disappeared in the above post, for some reason. But you get the point of what I was trying to say...


    8. I sure do. Bottom line is do whatever you want and let people do their thing. I'll gladly share the pit with crusty ARA-members and steroidpumped c18 folks just aslong as they dont impose on my liberal rights. A point we both share i think is that people put too much emphasis on politics.

  2. check this one mate ...
    band named KEEP THE FAITH with first ep called HARDCORE FOR SKINS
    you can download at http://www.mediafire.com/?nyb7b354nodlddu