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måndag 4 juni 2012

Brassknuckle boys (quick introduction)

Infamous punkrock/Oi!/whatever band that emerged out of Lexington, Kentucky in the late 90's. The band has moved through numerous lineup changes through the years (15 different members i think) and has included such names as Mark Magee (Condemned 84, Anti-Heros, Jack The Lad, The glory etc etc), Billy Blitz (The staggers) and William Weber (Murder Junkies) among their ranks. Today the lineup consists of Mark Edward Dacey on vocals, Shadwick Wilde on backupvocals and guitar, Jace Prater on guitar, Chris Ward on bass and Graham on drums.
The band released 2 demos in 1999 tightly followed by their first 7'' from Fistfull of Reality Records. In 2001 they released their most known record American Bastard through Haunted Town, a record that reached audiences outside the more tightly knitt skinhead scene. In 2002 they made a split with Riotgun and in 2004 another split with British Deadline. The touring stopped and the band broke up for real but later got back together with a new lineup in 2009 and released their first EP and Demo on LP calling it Songs about fighting. Later the same year they released their Appalachian industry LP and started touring again.
The band is still together today and when not opening for the Oi!-superstars in Old firm casuals (whoever arranged that show needs to be shot) they have also just released a new record called Appalachia Bastard that containes never before released material and both their full-length albums. The record can be bought here.

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