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måndag 25 juni 2012

Brassknuckle boys - Appalachian industry CD (2009)

01. Appalachian industry
02. Green fields of France (cover)
03. Ballad of Lucas Wells
04. Day after day
05. Don't you ever leave me
06. By the throat
07. New amendment
08. New York mining disaster
09. Fire on the plains
10. The pilgrim
11. Once you go rat
12. Our little secret

Released by Haunted Town Records in 2009.

The "comeback" album from the Kentucky boys. A decent album with a typical US streetpunk sound mixed with what i hear as southern rock influences. I dont quite like it as much as their old stuff but songs that are far from great (Fire on the plains) still rise above thanks to some great lyrics and skilled musicians performing it. The song Day by day is probably the best one in the bunch with a good production, a vocalist on point and one hell of a catchy "pump your fist" chorus.
Halfassed album still worth buying thanks to some exceptionally good songs.
The record is still avaialble for purchase at:
Haunted town
Pure Impact
Dim Records
Rebellion shop

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