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onsdag 27 juni 2012

The MFC & James Loves Jackson - Split 7'' (1999)

01. The MFC - Another comeback
02. The MFC - Momentum
03. JLJ - Happiness is kids online
04. JLJ - Beedeestreet
05. JLJ - Dig coal

Released by NOLO Records in 1999.

Thanks to Shane for the rip (even though i hated the music).

What the hell happened here?
It's nowhere near near Oi! and hardly even touches on the punksoil. The MFC that used to be a good band has now started playing some sort of college rock (hell if i know) and does a split with band called James Loves Jackson that i guess is some sort of grunge-offspring. It's pure bullshit from start to finish and i cant really say if its any good since i stopped listening to this sort of dateraper collegemusic the day i stopped wearing long-johns under my jeans-shorts and cut my hair. Sure the band called JLJ does some "experimental rhythms" and "heavy bass" things but it's all been done by trashpeople from Seattle before so... dont know where im going with this...... bottom line, it sucks.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Getting File not found when I try and download this, but after reading what you had to say about it, not sure I want you to fix the link.


    Brian Guy

    1. Link works now...think Jackson made it an automatic removal or something.

  2. What a bunch of crap... the personal taste in music beside is this also nothing else than total utter garbage stuff... This can't be the former drunken masters... WTF went when and how so terrible wrong?!? And the other band... let us spare any word more about them...

    1. Must be the strangest development ever from an Oi! band and ive seen them go to HC, SKA, Metal and even ambient gothpunk. This new sound has no substance and one has to wonder what they where thingking?