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tisdag 26 mars 2013

Stomping ground - Demo (2010)

01. FTW (Fight to win)
02. Dogs¤
03. Gossip games¤
04. No target
05. Cannot die¤
06. Spirit of youth¤

A surprisingly solid release by a band that i never gave the time of day when they first came out (i really need to stop putting stuff sent to me into the "Albums to listen to" folder). They sound like a hybrid of the early Bruisers mixed with some (early) Black Flag and Oxblood. As a fan of all three previously mentioned bands one might understand why i like them but add to that the fact that they actually seem to be somewhat honest with their song and the fact that their anger actualy sounds sincere. Somehow they remind me about On Trial based on the fact that they deliver shit like it used to be delivered without any fancy candy-coated mod-bullshit or fake garage-recordings. Good old Oi!

Best songs on the demo:
¤The unpollished skinhead-anthem called Cannot die that makes me think of The Bruisers back in the days (though a lot faster).
¤Dogs that delivers something that feels honest and does so with great breaks and a blazing guitarpart that might be simple (and stolen) but does what it does perfectly.

Might not be perfect but way better than most stuff being released on US soil with the Oi! brand slapped on it. Hope that MFS actually give these guys a shot.

1 kommentar:

  1. cracking demo one of the best i have heard in some time.
    lets hope they make it on to record.
    keep up the good work