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lördag 9 mars 2013

Liberty 37 (introduction)

Some might think it's wierd that a modern fascist band like Rebell Hell had it's first spark in a dirty Detroit garage while practicing harcorepunk songs under the bandname Gore. Well being a baldheaded old fuck i know what time can do to you so i guess Bill, Chris and COlonel had little knowledge about their future carreers. Previously mentioned Discharge-ish punkband saw its final days around 1990 but as soon as it did Chris and Bill went on to form the now infamous band Rogues. On the side Bill also had a leading role in the skinheadband Rival and the not so politically correct band Peoplehaters.

During all these years Colonel never had an idea about getting into the musicbusiness but a meeting with old friends got the first lineup of Liberty 37, namely Colonel Slanders on vocals, Bill on bass, Chris on guitar and newcommer Mark on drums.

The band set out a guideline of thoughts and views based on liberalism, constitutional rights and a fighting against the "new world order". These views didnt only influence the bandname Liberty 37 but also had a huge part in the bands comming albums and lyrics.

The bands first release was their demo called Brutal Awakening closely followed by a 7'' called Rebirth of a nation on French label S.P.E. These two releases got them signed to Rock-O-Rama in 1994 that released these songs as their first full-length called Under Siege.

Even though Liberty 37 was far from a political extreme band some of the members history in such bands as Rival and Peoplehaters caused the band to be targeted by media trashtalk, venues boycotting and antifa protests at the few venues that would put them on. This became to much for Chris that decided to leave the band in 1995 but as soon as he left they brought in Mark Jones to fill his spot on guitar. With this line-up they recorded their final record called The Killing Blow. After the release Mark decided to leave the band and with most members looking into new projects the band was disbanded.

The band got a brief reunion in 1997 doing a couple of shows but nothing more became of that. Both Bill and Colonel went on to form Rebel Hell in 1999 which atleast musically resembled the sound of Liberty 37 (though politically was a bit more extreme). Colonel also released a bootleg called When death comes knocking in 2004 and a "greatest hits" album called War Relics in 2011.

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