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torsdag 14 mars 2013

Liberty 37 - Under siege CD (1994)

01. The grave society
02. Armed or enslaved¤
03. Another "victim"
04. Straight to hell¤
05. Welfare state
06. Broken glory
07. World domination¤
08. Spoils of war¤
09. Gunshot to the head¤
10. Drunk & violent¤
11. Rise and decline
12. Conspiracy
13. Two rounds for Sister Sarah¤
14. Patriots hammer

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1994.
The band released both a demo and a 7'' before this release and this release is basicly a compilation of those two releases (missing 2 tracks that would later appear on their War Relics CD). The sound they bring might not be anything revolutionary but the whole militia-man thing they have going on mixed with Colonel Slanders distinct voice makes it stand out among many other half-assed metal-punk bands. Who can dislike a band that sings out their deathlist on records and dedicates it to "all gun owning, freedom loving Americans"?
For gun-nuts and fans of Rogues.

Liberty 37 - Gunshot to the head

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