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lördag 2 mars 2013

New split from Templars.

With no other than the much beloved Swedes from Agent Bulldogg. If the old info from a member is correct the release will feature Templars doing English covers of Swedish Agent songs and Agent will do Swedish covers of English Templars songs. If this is so then it might be the most awesome release in a long time and a fucking brilliant idea at that.

Only info i have right now is that it is a 7'' limited to 1000 copies (900 black/100 orange) and that you can pre-order them from Randale's shop.
The vikings are comming!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I loved the templars version of livsstil and I am eager to here what tracks AB chooses to cover


  2. This one's been planned since 1993 or so. The Templars' contribution is only the old recording of "Livsstil", while Agent Bulldogg is doing a swedish version of "Visions of a Future" and a "new" song of their own aswell.