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fredag 22 februari 2013


Slapshot - The New England production session PROMO 7'' (2003)
Beer Mongers - The hangover Demo (2003)
Strongarm and the bullies - You had it comming CD (2005)
Weekend bowlers - In over our heads 7'' (1999)
Weekend bowlers - What are we gonna do about this? CD (2001)
Better dead than red - A better land CD (2000)

More next week

3 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for the Strongarm re-ups! Any chance of the two demos making it back up as well?

  2. hey Bernhard did you get any shit from the media giants as a result of the new antipiracy coalition?

    hopefully the american Oi scene is underground enough to not cause you any trouble because of your uploads. I fuckin owe ya a hundred beers because thats how many fuckin records I've got from ya that I wouldnt have really otherwise had access to.
    Thanks and keep up the good work. Skinhead Rules.

    Timmy Jak.

    1. No not really. Not sure every band is happy with my 3 year rule and all but those who dislike it cant really afford the legal team necessary to reach a Swede and most of them probably understand that it is quite "un-punk" to make music for profit in the first place.