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måndag 11 februari 2013

The 108ers - You aint Gary EP (2011)

01. Gary sez goodbye
02. You aint Gary
03. Gary's do it better
04. Songs of the fallen

Selfreleased by the band in 2011 as a free online EP

Out of all the wierd Oi! and punkbands out there this has to be the wierdest one. Forget all about the Arian gaypride of Pink Panzer and the inside jokes of bands such as Jewdriver. Here we have The 108ers that have built an entire band all the way from artcover, bandname, lyrics and image on a character from a hidden sidemission in a fucking videogame.

To display my nerdiness i will explain it for the rest of you. Fallout 3 is a game that spans for about 60 hours and takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Hidden in this games world is a bombshelter that one might stumble upon by misstake called "Vault 108". If one choose to go into this place they will be meet by the horrific fact that it was a cloningfacility before the war and the clones rebelled against their creator and took over. They all call themselfs Gary and are extremly vicious against anyone that might enter and these characters who have a roughly 0.0001% part of the games story is what this band choose to base their entire band around haha..... (a video of the gary's)

The wierdness in the band is also displayed in the bands songs that all are about the Gary's in said videogame with lyrics like "Look out I got a lead pipe, look out for Gary number 25" and i know what you are all thinking.. this can't be good right? Well as much of a surprise as it might be this band actually sounds quite decent even with the whole "jokeband" thing aside. Their song You ain't Gary as repetative as it might be is actually a super little singalong Oi! song. And as a big suprise they end their EP with the song Songs of the fallen that is a tribute to soldiers fallen in foreign wars. With this last song they truly show that they can actually make great songs without the otherwise quite childish lyrics.

As most other jokebands the members identities are unknown but if anyone might know anything about them please leave a comment or send an email. This riddle needs to be solved.

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