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onsdag 20 februari 2013

Offensive weapon - New glory/Smash the reds

Doing covers of No remorse and Youth Defence League. From a show last December.

3 kommentarer:

  1. The NO REMORSE cover I already knew in a older live version, cool shit, like it better as the original one. But then (or first) the YDL cover, what shall I say, I mean... that's what I'm fucking talking about, that's the real deal, battle scarred and proud and unbowed, that's Skinhead, that's Oi!, it's fucking GREAT!!!

    And it's not this bullshit beer drunken wasted on a drink pseudo tough dilletante noize done by stupid fucks that have beside their shaven heads nothing in life and especially too less competence on their instruments, like seen and heard on by far too many Skinhead gigs here in Germany. Damn it, I live in the wrong country I think ;-) ...

    But the scumbag that seems to have some asian roots and does the Hitler salute should better start to use his head for thinking and not just for shaving it clean. Hitler hated the plutocratics Americans and the alliance with Japan he just did for an expected military advantage, what Hitler and the whole Nazi elite thought of the asian/eastern race comes of right clear, just read "Mein Kampf" or "Der Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts", Hitler, Rosenberg and Co. made no secrets of what they thought of men beside the white european, nordic, aryan, and not at least german people... but who knows, because anyhow it's clear that we are and always had been a bunch of cool dudes, haha ;-) !!! But anyhow, maybe one should better not show the Hitler salute to a patriotic proud pro-american song, even or especially not if he's not at least a through and through pure good aryan guy...

    And I'm really curious about the new split 7'' of OFFENSIVE WEAPON and the TMF!!!

    1. Since 90% of people that Heil on gigs do it to be obscene and piss someone uff or get caught up in the mayhem i dont think the colour of his skin matter that much. If he is serious with it (which i doubt) then all the best to him.

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