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onsdag 20 februari 2013

Oxblood - Only the strong (Music Video)

A video that was supposed to be released around their EP in 2010 but due to the unfortunate death of Kevin it got prosponed.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Great song by one of the best bands ever outta there, and also a cool clip. When I first saw it and also still now I ask myself, how and why, if a relative "small" band like OXBLOOD managed to put out this nice little cool clip, and done it so good, then why the fuck a relative "big" band like AGNOSTIC FRONT released such dilettante bullshit clips like for example the one of/to "GOTTA GO"... must be a failure in the Matrix or something like this ;-) ...

    Btw, are OXBLOOD still around these days as a proper?!? I really hope so, but haven't heard of them for quite a long while now... that's why I ask...

    1. They did shows back in 2012 but as far as i know the band is no more today. With Fed Up! and Skin disorder also calling it quits it seems this whole crew just dissapeared over night

    2. "They did shows back in 2011" that is

  2. they just played a gig in Texas a couple weeks ago as well.