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onsdag 6 februari 2013

Better dead than red - S/T CD (2010)

01. The battle rages on
02. I told you so
03. Who we are
04. The new authority
05. When worlds collide
06. Generic pub song
07. Street soldiers
08. Time is catching up with me
09. Ultra terror
10. Battle call
11. Punk rock fantasy
12. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)
13. Commie killer
14. Traitor
15. On the frontline for America
16. Written world
17. Columbine
18. Just can't last one more day
19. Mr down on your luck
20. Tomorrow is always to late (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by Defiant Recordings in 2010.

Empire falls RAC sideproject came back in 2010 but something had just turned ugly over the years. Their in your face flagwaving and politically charged lyrics about the constitution and libety over all has here been traded in for anti-Obama songs and racialist propaganda. Being a racialist and anti-Obama is every mans right but i cant get over how childish it's portraited in these songs (and the sleeve). When the "dead Ernesto" cover is tightly followed by a picture of Obama with a hammer and sickle on his forehead i somewhat loose all hope of getting a decent album before i have even put the record in my player....

Checking through the albumtracks i get another dissapointment since this brand new album consist of 50% re-recorded songs from old albums.
Well atleast we get some good old classics i tell myself and put on one of my favourite songs "Cant last one more day" and realise that its simply the old Empire falls classic pitched down to a speed that somewhat reminds me about what hipedihopers would call Screwed (for those who dont know what it is). Maybe Brian and the boys are onto something revolutionary here but to me it sounds like utter garbage.

Superb old songs like "Who we are", on the frontlines for America" and the fantastic "Commie killer" cant simply pull the weight that the rest of the garbage bring with them.
(The band clearly states in the booklet that illegal downloading is communist so download on your own risk haha)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Well I guess we are all commies now!! What a silly ass statement. Gotta love blanket statements like that.


    Brian Guy

    1. Next step is going all out like Mike Tyson and do a Mao tattoo o our right arms

  2. One of the by far most dumb ass bands ever, can't believe to what a stupid and ridiculous farce this once really good to great ("THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO" & "MARX WAS WRONG" were and still are fucking amazing) band turned into... from the artwork to the lyrics to the final anti-download statement... that they musically basically mostly only sell-out with doing all their old stuff again and again (and rarely better) should be already known by years now... but the rest, unbelievable... Btw, me who always hold some strong positions you might could call Marxist with some good doses of justification and always stood and still stays for it only have to say that bands or guys should better stop talking about things that they never understood and still don't understand, like in this particular case here communism... downloading equals or is communism, what a bunch of crap preached by dumb ass idiots!!!
    Beside this I really have to catch up with your work up here Bernando after I was two months locked out from the web, if you want to say it so, great job man you've done (and do) up here, especially your retrospection on 2012 is damn great!!! Keep it up and going!!!
    Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!