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torsdag 31 januari 2013

Templars & The new chords - Split Double 7'' (2010)

01. Templars - Down to the wire
02. Templars - Old days
03. Templars - Blood, sweat & tears
04. The new chords - Back home
05. The new chords - The templars (Templars cover)
06. The new chords - Antisocial today

Released by Randale Records in 2010.

A well nice packaging well worth any collectors hardearned dollars. Thick and nice cover split in the middle with 2 EP's (one for each band) that looks damn nice in the crate or on the bookshelf its just to bad the actuall musical content is a bit lacking.

Templars being one of my favourite US bands and The Veros (same members as The new chords) being one of my favourite French bands (atleast their demo's) i was a bit let down by the result of the split. These songs are way better than most other stuff released in 2010 but not at all as good as what the bands deliver otherwise. Templars do two good songs and it's nice to hear Down the wire which contains some of the Templars old sound but it still lacks something that made the old songs shine.
The new chords make a halfass contribute with the exception of their song Back home that i consider the best song on the split, to bad my crappy rip of the record dont really do it the honor it deserves.
A must have for collectors like me but nothing more than an ok EP for the rest.
Can still be bought at:
Pure Impact
Dim Records
Noise of Sweden
Contra Records
Rebellion Records
Durty Mick
Punkrock CD's

7 kommentarer:

  1. I had this. Listened to it about 4 times in 2 years and then sold it on for about what I paid for it... :)

    Are the records really hard to get back in the sleeve on yours? I was scared of breaking them with mine.

    Oh yeah, the other week you asked me if I was looking forward to the Templars/Agent Bulldogg split (sorry, head up ass) - to which I say 'yes'.

    AB are another one of those bands that I've been meaning to check out properly for years, actually...


    1. Yeah the record might look fantastic but something went wrong in the cutting of the paper. I've taken the vinyl out once when i ripped it and could hardly get it in again so now it just sits there.

      Agent is one of those bands that i love because they sing in Swedish but at the same time it's a damn shame since not many outside of Sweden can get into them. Though if i understand everything correclty the bands will cover each others song, basicly meaning Templars will do 2 English overs of old Swedish Agent songs and Agent will cover 2 old Templars songs in Swedish. Could be the most awesome thing ever quite possibly

  2. I'll listen to all sorts of things that I don't understand the words to, if the music sounds good to me and the words flow with the music.

    Do you find it annoying that so many bands from your country sing in English by default (and it's a big deal when they have like one song or an 7" in Swedish)?


    1. Unlike most other countries the vast majority of Swede's know the English language quite good (Perkele being the exception) and i guess thats why most of them choose to go "global" unlike most bands from lets say Germany or Russia. I know a lot of folks from those countries know the language but it's just not as integrated as it is over here.
      Love me some Gatans Lag and Apati but i understand those bands that choose to make the majority of their songs in English and broaden their "fanbase" from 30 local friends to thousands around the globe.

    2. Are you saying that you think that Perkele's English is bad? Or am I misunderstanding you? I thought that he spoke excellent English - not to the 'Evil Conduct' point, where English people hear him and just assume he's Scottish/Welsh or something, but excellent nonetheless...

      Most German bands singing in German is something that I'd put down to the size/strength of the oi! scene over there. Dunno about Russia - I think I've only ever heard about three Russian oi! songs...


    3. Later albums might be ok but their pronunciation and grammar on the first one was aweful. Guess it's their simple lyrics that makes me think that to.

    4. Which was the first one again? Voice Of Anger? Or was there stuff before that?

      I honestly don't recall the English being terrible on that one, though it has been quite a while since I listened to it.