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onsdag 30 januari 2013

Hammer and the nails - Maxi EP 12'' (2010)

01. Ten fingers
02. Set to ruin
03. Icepicks
04. Faux
05. Sleeping giant

Released by Rock'n'Roll Disgrace in 2010.

After the big subcultural hype after the bands earlier demo i was surprised to see that they where releasing an EP instead of a full-length. Even though i wanted more i was hapy to see that they only re-used one of the tracks from the demo and even more happy finding out that it all held the same high quality.

The opening track called "Ten fingers" is in my oppinion also the weakest on the album and it doesnt really pick up untill the fantastic "Set to ruin" tightly followed by the best song called "Icepicks". Both mentioned songs have that mod-rock with handclaps and all that many US bands have been getting into lately. Though H&N do it with more attitude than most of their counterparts mostly thanks to Brians quite brutal voice.
Most intresting song is the last one out entitled "Sleeping giant" that moves away from the played out lyrics from other bands bashing "fascists" and proclaims that the real enemy against civil liberties is amongst us in the form of our apointed leaders. It's all done in a very non-conspiratory way and it's nice to see that atleast one band has understood that "commies and nazis" are far from the big problem in the world.
For fans of Clichés, Templars and Sydney Duck.
Can still be bought at:
Rock'n'roll disgrace

Six Feet Under

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