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fredag 18 januari 2013

More Rapidshare issues (and the solution to them)

As many might have noticed Rapidshare cowarded out and made all their paying customers files private to that said user. This resulted in me getting readers complaining about not being able to donwload anything from my sites because as the links told them the files where "private".
On with the good news since i think i have fixed these issues and it was actually quite easy. Please tell me if my uploads are still marked as private in the links.

To other uploaders all you really need to do is (1) create a new folder in your filemanager, (2) putt all files you want to share in this new folder, (3) right click and choose properties, (4) click the little square called "public acces" and then after that choose this setting to work for all your subfolders. Whats really wierd is that no info is given on how to do this or even that they made our files private but hopefully this will solve it.

4 kommentarer:

  1. They still tell me forbidden.

    1. All files are working now as they should. Horray for me and my tech-skills

  2. I browsed randomly checking links. the rapiedshare links looked fine, all the megaupload and mediafire links are down though.

  3. You are a fucking Genius Bernardo! It works


    Brian Guy