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torsdag 3 januari 2013

Basement Boys - Demo II: The dominator (2012)

01. Tonight's the night to fight
02. The agenda
03. Quest for tit

Thanks to the band for sending this one in.

The Cleveland boys are back after their demo in 2009 and numerous other projects (mostly hardcore) and as much as i like this band it's not as great as it was the first time around. The band seem to have gone from a rock hybrid of Oi! into more of a fastpaced punk/HC mix. This doesnt make them abad in any way and i know most readers will enjoy the song Quest for tits as much as i did.

When a band without "skinheads" go from a cliché Oi! dedication to making punk where they throw in a couple of "Oi!'s" as more of a joke at the end of the songs i start to get worried. Are they mocking me or do i simply take stuff to seriously? Never before has listening to punk reminded me about smoking my first cigarette with the 3 years older kids at school back in the days, so simply enjoy this short but sweet thing but be aware that maybe, just maybe these boys are making fun of you while your doing it.

Something as rare as a physical demo in cassetteform can be bought for a cheap buck from alexwkellar@gmail.com

2 kommentarer:

  1. Happy new year, mate!

    Would it be possible to reupload The Revolt- strenght tru american oi?

    Also, have you thought about including Youth Defence League to your blog? Its quite difficult not only to get their records but also find informations about that band.

    Anyway, keep doing good work. Martin from Bratislava

    1. Happy new year Martin.
      Sure thing will do, completly forgot about my re-upload list so sorry to all requesters who thought i was ignoring them. Had a heap on my plate but am now free until the 14th so will have time for atleast 2 re-upload posts.