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onsdag 9 januari 2013

Southpaw manners - Demo CD (2006)

01. Streetbound
02. Lyonsheart
03. No shame, no disgrace
04. Let's go

Thanks to Jay R for sending me this one.

St. Louis band with members that would later go on to play with Bridgeburners. The band never had a proper release but where featured on some notorious compilations and therefore made many outside of the US wonder who the hell they where. I uploaded some liveshow and a short interview from that show earlier last year so be sure to check that out to (just click on Southpaw manners).

Thís is softer Oi! with more melody than attitude and as lazy as their singer might sound i actually like his voice and the way he delivers the lyrics. This is basicly laid back punk for the skinhead masses not great nore awefull.

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