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söndag 13 januari 2013

Concrete - Demo CD (2013)

01. Something out of nothing
02. Lionheart
03. Gallows

Thanks to the band for sending me this.

From Austin in Texas comes this brand new Oi!/HC/Punk hybrid with Manny on vocals (from Night Seige), Kevin on lead guitar (from Night Siege and Hot Rails to Hell), Cody on rhythm guitar (from Bitter Grin), JJ on bass (from One Against Many) and Ram on drums (used to play in Prions). Even though they come from a musical background that i don't normally get into they have manifactured a new sound with Concrete that i find quite enjoyable. It's a hard sound to put the finger on and i can't quite say what "subcultural sub-genre" they belong to but on the songe Gallows a mixture of Stress Cracks and Urban Riot (on their harder tracks like Divided we stand etc) pop into my head. Other listeners will have other bands as references but those are what came to mind on a tired Saturday evening like this. What means anything is that both Gallows and Something out of nothing are both songs with high value both musicaly and quality.
The band will be releasing a 5-track LP through Nation on fire Records later this year and they have also booked shows in Texas with Forced Reality (1/19), Oxblood/Beltones (2/16) and Noi!se (4/26).
A band to keep your eyes on for sure.
Or purchase the actual physical copy here

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