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söndag 27 januari 2013

Some re-uploads

The burnt - Charlie Brown 7'' (1988) 
The dead end boys - Six year hangover CD + 2 unreleased songs (2006)
The dead end boys - The last minute CD (2007)
The revolt - Strength thru American Oi! LP (1997)
Stress cracks - Demo (2004)
Headwound (1996) - Look Good.. It Is!! 7''

Almighty Lumberjacks of death, The sussed and more Headwound in the next bunch of re-uploads.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I appreciate you re-uploading the Headwound material for. I have another request if you don't mind; can you point me in the right direction of some kick ass redskin oi! bands?

    1. Your asking the wrong man here. Any __skin is nothing but a label in my eyes so anyone calling themselfs that and making music at the same time will go past my eyes ignored and shunned.

    2. The band Redskins have some nice tunes though..