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tisdag 29 januari 2013

FBS - Live grenade 7'' (2009)

01. Live grenade
02. In your blood
03. Standoff

Released by Yumi Records in 2009.

Going from ok Rancidpunk to Oi! inspired streetpunk to halfassed streetpunk to Motorhead inspired HC-Punk. Seems the only thing remaining through the years are the annoying christian messages poisoning up the wax. The first song is alright and sounds like the better songs on their 2007 CD but the rest are crappy to say the least (including the biblical poetry-reading in the last song). The 7'' also included a "hidden" Ace of spades cover but i simply cant muster the strength to search for it and to be honest i don't think anyone will miss it.
I am finally done with this band moving on to bigger and better things

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