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måndag 7 januari 2013

Rapidshare issues.

So after their latest "update" rapidshare isnt really working like it should. Some uploads get removed without the rapidshare crew or me OK'ing the removal and some files cant simply be uploaded (i have tried to re-upload The only spirit is unity 5 times now but keep on getting an error message) and nobody seems to know what the issues are.
I was going to upload some requests this morning but after being able to succesfully upload one album out of 7 in the last hour at a site where i pay money every month for that service i am quite annoyed.
Sometimes i question this sites existence over my mental wellbeing.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I've had some of the same issues since the "upgrade" I had one file that kept being removed, finally think I got that fixed. I also went thru about a two hour block a couple of weeks ago where every upload I did failed. I ended up just giving up on it and then finally several hours later it was fine.
    Nothing like paying good money for a service that you can't get it to work right.
    Oh well, all for the love of music right?


    Brian Guy

    1. Aint recieved a reply from them yet but i noticed most of the ones that fail have "wierd" signs in them like "(&´' i made the ones i couldnt upload as generic as they could get and removed all signs for instance "Artists (1990) - Name of record 7''" simply uploaded as "Artists name of record" and it worked. Dont know if i am jinxing now or if this actually works.

  2. Weird, glad you got it working though. Nice that they haven't replied. glad we are paying them money eh?


    Brian Guy