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torsdag 7 februari 2013

Under the cloak of anonymous

10:42AM 02/07/2013 Ett DMCA-klagomål rörande ditt innehåll har mottagits.
Translated:10:42AM 02/07/2013 A DMCA-complain has been filed against this sites content

It's an anonymous complaint meaning that no actions will be taken against it (they basicly only care when companies file them). It also means that a person wanted to stay anonymous when filing it..... and i think i know who you are......

6 kommentarer:

  1. Right, faceless scumbags and cowards without backbone and with by far too much free time to spend!!! But don't care about this dickheads... Keep it with Billy Milano/M.O.D.: "Making friends is fun!!!" Oi!

  2. You know it really amazes me since I started blogging not too long ago, that the amount of shit talkers and people that post anonymously and want to cause problems for other people.

    I guess this is kind of like someone lighting a bag of shit on your doorstep and then running away.

    Fuck'em and keep up the good work.


    Brian Guy

  3. I thought that you removed things from the site if the bands asked you to anyway?


    1. It depends. If a re-issue of an old album is on the way then offcourse but if a band simply dont want their stuff on the site even if the records are old i simply ignore them. I respect copyright to a degree and i respect bands to a degree but it has to be a good reason behind it.

  4. I suspect the same thing from the problems I've been having at my site as of late, but I won't give them attention by stating it. As far as anonymous dorks are concerned, I pay $$$ to run my site and now pay $$$ to host the files that thousands of people use for free, so I'll be damned if I owe a bunch of faceless keyboard-peckers and noodlers a place to flippantly troll, build up lame strawman arguments, and spout bullshit. I weed them out and don't see any irony in it. There's lots of other places they can do that stuff.