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fredag 15 februari 2013

Harrington Saints - Machine guns and molotovs 7'' (2010)

01. Machine guns and molotovs
02. Bullet proof
03. No justice

Released by Longshot Music in 2010.

Thye most over-rated American Oi!-band yet again releases a canducoated streetpunk release filled with garbage lyrics and garbage choruses made for the kids in two tone checkered wristbands and 4 inches thick braces. One might question Longshot's thoughts as they simply spew out releases by this band and Old Firm Casuals right next to proper good bands like Noi!se. But since no band releasing EP's through Longshot actually gets payed by Longshot for the music i guess beggars cant be choosers.

First song out is actually quite good in it's radio-punk ways and the chorus works as it should but after a couple of listens i start to ask the same questions as i ask most revolutionary band, namely what's their solution to the thing they are fighting? Judging from the lyrics Harrington Saints have just purchased automatic firearms and have started a revolution from their state (Machine guns and molotovs), the police also owns automatic weapons and are trying to kill Harrington Saints for their views but even though the police can kill Harrington Saints they can't kill their beliefs (Bullet Proof). Exactly what are these strong beliefs that forces the band to go underground and join militias in guerilla warfare? If anyone has an answer to this i would love to hear it since it might make me enjoy this mediocre album a little bit more. Am i biassed? Yes, but simple because this shitty band gets to squirt these records out left and right while proper good bands have to beg a guy in Germany to release 100 copies that later get ignored by the majority of "fans" because their appretiation of the music ends at what newsletter gets sent to their email. I think i need to calm the fuck down now and crack my first weekend-beer....

5 kommentarer:

  1. Man, you aren't talking about the new Patriot album, or are you?!? (I mean the part with the guy in Germany and just copies.) I still need to buy my copy next month...

    1. Actually not but thats a record that actually would fit the discription and also a record that grows on you. Hated it when i first heard it but love it now some weeks later

    2. Puhhh, that's good to read!!! Both things, that it's still available as well as the stuff about its quality. Next month I will make it mine :D and I'm really excited about it!!! I mean, if I haven't missed out on anything pretty important it's the first sign of life of/by Patriot since the "We, the people" album and this means in over a decade or so!!! I'm also a little bit curious about it, how I will like it and how and when it will make click between this album and me after all the long time of absence of new Patriot tunes around... But anyway, next month the long time of waiting will be finally over!!! Hell yeahr!!! :D
      Ah, and I just read yesterday that a split 7'' of Offensive Weapon and TMF will be released in 2013 and if I understood the Facebook writing correct then also already pretty soon or so!!! Should be cool shit anyhow!!! :D

    3. I have always loved their "partysongs" and those are still their with the same old happy Oi! feeling as ever. It might be more "We the people" than "Cadence of the streets" which i would have liked the other way around but still a great album. Also nice to see an old band with almost 100% new material on their "comeback album". To many of the old bands release new versions of old songs that we could have lived happily without (Stormwatch, Last resort etc etc)

  2. You made me laugh! Thanks