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torsdag 7 februari 2013

Major disappointment - United Nations fuck off MP3-Single (2013)

01. United Nations fuck off

Selfreleased in 2013.

Thanks to the band for sending it in.

Just like their EP last year this one is recorded and put online without any expectations of profit from the band. Much respect and many thanks for catering to the scene instead of leeching from it.

Only one song but one hell of a song it is young padawan. The sound is more like their debut CD which i enjoyed more than last years recordings. Just like their first record the song has a fast and blazing Squiggy-ish sound to it leaving few pauses for guitarmasturbation and boring sections. Short but sweet.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Excellent, lyrics would also be very interesting.

  2. Great!!! Can't wait for the new full length album to finally be released!!!