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tisdag 19 februari 2013

Ironclad - Ypsilanti Oi! DemoCD

01. Come back swinging
02. Our town
03. Everyone hates me
04. The kids aren't dead

Part of a package i got from Underground Radiohost (91.7 WMSE) and Millwakue showpromotor Jesse H. Many thanks for all of those rare gems even though most of the records had beerstains on them and needed cleaning..

The band Ironclad hails from Michigan and from what i understand they have been around since sometime around 2009. The band consists of Bradley Bovver on vocals, Duane Brink on bass, Gabe Heiss on guitar and Andy Mattern on drums. The band has released this demo and a couple of other songs (that i am unable to get ahold of) and done shows with The Business, Bad Assets and CL1.

The band has got a strange little sound going on and that comes of clear on this demo all from the skinhead anthem Our Town to the ska-influenced rocksong Everyone hates me and on to the finnishing anti-mainstream song The kids aren't dead that i guess i would call experimental rock or whatever it might be.
All in all it's a nice little demo with a nice variety in sounds and a singer that rapes most of the established Oi!-vocalists. The song Our Town has been on heavy rotation this week and will probably stay on for the comming weeks.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Gabe played sax in pist n broke. Ironclad broke up for a while but apparently is carried on in one form or another by Gabe & Duane. they played 2 good shows in Wisconsin with Court Street Scrappers & Victory.

  2. We have gone on hiatus twice, but Ironclad is still together despite having 3 drummers

    1. Works just fine (deleted that other post). So with 3 drummers can we expect the first Oi!/Steel Drum Bands in a near future ;)