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söndag 3 mars 2013

V/A - Sons and daughters of this savage land LP (1996)

01. Cocknoose - Bloody chainsaw
02. Cocknoose - Bite it you scum (GG Allin Cover)
03. The tunnel rats - Live free or die
04. The tunnel rats - Don't tell yer mom
05. The tunnel rats - Patriots militia
06. The toughskins - Motorized
07. The toughskins - I'd rather stay home
08. The toughskins - Real enemy (The Business cover)
09. Antiseen - Self induced lobotomy
10. Antiseen - Ugly American
11. Hellstomper - Ruby don't take your love
12. Hellstomper - Meatman
13. Hellstomper - The race is on
14. Murder junkies - Rowdy beer drinkin night (GG Allin cover)
15. Murder junkies - No one's safe
16. Rancid vat - Rock'n'roll fraud

Released by Baloney Shrapnel in 1996.

Some might ask what scumfuck trailerpunk alá Confederate Scum might be doing on this site about American Oi!. The reason is the band calling themselfs The Toughskins and just to get it out of the way this is not the infamous Oi! band Toughskins already discogged here (even though site's like Discog seems to think so) and has nothing to do with the punkband The Toughskins (will post them in the future) from Florida. This little band would be named Toughskins 3 if ever mentioned in a drunken conversation between recordcollecting punk/skin nerds. The reason i am featuring them on the site is because even though their members background in the trailerpunk scene they ARE an Oi!-band and even do a bloody cover of The business (and we all know how Oi! that is).

Even though my love for scumfuck trailerbands such as GG Allin and Antiseen might become smaller and smaller the older i grow one cant ignore its rugged charm they posses and the fact that they actually make some really superb rocksongs. Add to that the fact that they often stand more to the right than 95% of all other trendy leftist punkbands and one can almost call them a guilty pleasure of mine (though tucked away and hidden UNDERNEATH my old collection of pornmovies in the adict).

The A-side to this compilation starts out with my favourite trailerband, namely Cocknoose that reminds me about a mixture of old GG Allin and the sound that the fantastic band Liberty 37 (will get to them in the future) had when they where around. It's quick, rough, brutal and one hell of a way to start an otherwise mediocre LP.

Second band is The tunnel rats that flirts with the more conservative and patriotic part of the Oi!scene with their constitutional oriented punkrock. This is often the punkrock that i love but to bad for the rats they sort of suck and except for their song "Live free or die" it is best left unheard.

And then onto the "Oi!-band" of the comp and also one of the biggest letdowns. They sure have a distinct Oi!-sound even though it's mixed with some Motörhead-ish speedthing going on but no matter how good their song "Motorized" is that trashing of The Business classic is unforgiven. This only further convinces me that every Oi! band that from this day onward makes a cover of this song or Last Resorts "Violence in our minds" should be convicted to brutal lashes and/or forced sodomy.

Now finally flipping the vinyl to the B-side and we are welcomed by the most wellknown trailerpunks today. Antiseen is a band that most know of in one way or another either because they consist of the people that played with GG Allin or because of some of them being members in bands such as Empire falls today. Or if you know them because of the records they make (70 releases and counting..) you know exactly what to expect from these songs. Think Limecell mixed with The Loose Skrews and top that of with some "good 'ol boys" anti-commie lyrics.

Hellstompers simply sound to country and hillbilly for me to even care so moving on.

Murder Junkies just like Antiseen used to hang around GG Allin and even recorded a couple of records with him under the name GG Allin & The Murder Junkies. Just like Antiseen you probably know what to expect from this it's obscene and anti-PC but be sure to check out the tune "No one's safe", a superb little song.

Last out is the biggest surprise on the record and a totally new experience for me, namely Rancid Vats. Sure i have heard of them before but never payed them no mind so to be honest this was the first song i have heard. All i can say is i am sold and need to check out their other releases (15 something records just waiting for my listening pleasure). They remind me about earlier US punkrock like The Gizmos but with a hell lot of more attitude to go around. If you hate scumfuck punkrock and rednecks atleast give this band a chance, you will probably like it if you have such good taste as i have.

Rancid Vat - Hippie Punk 

5 kommentarer:

  1. lets see, we got (from top to bottom) 'coon tail, noose(x2), confederate flag, confederate army hat, war bird tat,long hair on a male, inverted stars, is that charles manson?, (hippie, racialist, cult leader, pedophile, killer of pregnant women), satan goat head tattoo, woman with words carved into her ass, 1%er tattoo, tribal swastika tattoo,leather vest, flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off.

    These are the things on the record cover that every skinhead I associate myself with is against.

    thats strike 19 or 20 for this record.


  2. As broadminded as you seem to be i can't say i know a single person that has anything against nooses, coons tails or flannel shirts.

  3. I like the artwork!!! So what says this now... ;-)

  4. You're right. Flannel shirts with ripped off sleeves are "sussed", and the severed tail of a rodent is "hard and smart". And I guess a noose is one way to rig up the P.A. for your hoedown or hootenanny or barn dance or klan rally. so strike 16 instead of 20 for this record. BWAHAHAHA! Are ya sure you didn't mean to put this on your raggare blog instead?

    I'm just fuckin with ya Bernando we love ya. keep up the good work.

  5. From reading, I know you don't go in for this type of shit, but thanks for putting this up. There's a part of me that can't get enough of this stuff. and the fucked-up/killer art work make it that much more awesome. I maybe wouldn't wanna put any of these dudes up at my house, but I'll probably put this on the next time we're having a party in the kitchen at 2am.