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onsdag 25 juli 2012

Mobtown hooligans - Demo (2006)

01. 6 pints down
02. Yesterday
03. Rising of the moon (instrumental cover)
04. Jack the lad (4-skins cover)
05. Black velvet band
06. Run run away
07. Kiss my Irish ass (The Pogues cover)
08. Helluva night
09. Whiskey
10. In the streets
11. Angelfuck (Misfits cover)
12. Everyday life

6-piece band from Baltimore playing a combination of celtic folkmusic and punk. The band was only around for a short while and except this demo they only released a split 7'' with Weekend warriors. The members later went on to bands such as Charm City Saints and Hell To Pay.

Those who have read the site before knows where i stand on the whole Eerie+punk combination so with that said i went into this band with a whole lot of prejudice. Ive been having this demo laying around for over 3 years now without even giving it a proper listen untill some days ago. Even though some of my honor will be destroyed i must admit that i fucking love this stuff. It's not as if i hate all Irish folkmusic mixed with punk since i have loved Mr. Irish Bastard ever since i heard their ridiculously awesome cover of Livin La Vida Loca, its just that i never really liked any of the millions "madebyformula" Boston bands through the years.

The band is probably best described as a mixture of Strongarm and the bullies and The pogues sprinkled with the chatotic passion of Those unknown. All the demo's songs are far from good but the majority of them are and unlike most other Irish-whatever it's actually quite diverse music. The band has some good Oi! tracks (6 pints down and In the streets) but also more typical Eeriesongs like Black velvet band and their Poguescover.

After an incident involving some friends breaking into a pub (free whiskey) and a refrigerator with only milk to mix drinks with that happened when i was 13 i cant even stand the smell of whiskey without getting todays dinner into my mouth. After hearing the Mobtown hooligans tribute to youth and good whiskey in the song simply entitled Whiskey i understand that even though i cant relate to the lyrics i can still fucking love the music. This song and the fantastic pipeversion of Angelfuck are reason enought to celebrate the demo.

I will crack myself a Guiness, crank up the volume on Angelfuck and surf the internet for that split EP they released some years ago. Fucking love this band.

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