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söndag 8 juli 2012

Battle ruins - Demo cassette (2009)

01. Blood eagle
02. Traitors stomped out
03. Warpaths ahead
04. Heart of fire and stone
05. Cut blood line

Selfreleased by the band in 2009.

The band is basicly an Oi!/Metal sideproject by members from various hardcore bands (seems all new US Oi! bands today are). The members are anonymous and no names or pictures of the members are given out on their releases but from what i have understood some of the members have their background in such bands as Mind Eraser, Painkiller and the fantastic Lovely Lads.

As much as they where going for an Oi!/Metal hybrid i can hear them both but what strikes me when i listen to it is the RAC feeling i get. Not because of the lyrics but from the feeling of the songs, the way their vocalist sings and offcourse the whole metalthing they got going on. Sounds like early 90's Brittish RAC or even Australian RAC (thinking of Fortress here).

Well is it any good? Yeas it sure is!! I am a huge sucker for the whole British metal offspring of the RAC scene and this one even lands on top of most old stuff since it lacks all the annoying "nigger-bashin" lyrics.

It's not hard to understand the members background in HC bands even though it rocks more than trashes in these songs, i am thinking especially of the song Cut blood line. A song that never made it to their later and now out-of-print EP from 2010 which has a heavyier tone than the rest of the songs. My own personal favourite is Heart of fire and stone that takes the metal thing a step further and almost becomes a bit glammy in the chorus (damn i love that chorus).

4 kommentarer:

  1. Why not just use mediafire?

    1. I am banned from Mediafire and Megaupload is long gone so untill you you come up with a better solution my suggestion is stop complaining like a little cunt and take whats given to you for free. If you would have followed the site before you would know all this and also know the reason to why i have to spend hours every week re-uploading all old albums.

  2. Great demo! Listened to it a bunch when it came out. Love the NWOBHM influence. Way better than almost any hc band side project I can recall. This and the Syndney Ducks demo are amongst my favorite over the last few years demo wise.

  3. this kicks ass. thank ye.