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tisdag 3 juli 2012

Stamford Bridge & Bastards Choir - Split 7'' (2009)

01. Bastards choir - These fields
02. Bastard's choir - Heaven is a hogroast
03. Stamford bridge - Finish line
04. Stamford bridge - The way i am

Released by Oi! the boat in 2009.

-My version is the first pressing (500 copies) in black and white. The second pressing of 550 copies where made with a red cover-

The great sideproject with Phil Templar on drums and Carl on basicly everything else that was around long enough to release two split EP's (2nd EP will be uploaded next year). I dont have a clue if the project is still active today but i sure hope so.

Bastards choir that splits the EP with te templarboys is mediocre to say the least, not in any way bad but concidering how many times i have played the songs i should like them by this time. I still cant really find anything positive to say about them more than the fact that their second song is a bit fun... thats about it.

Stamford bridge's side starts out with a strange and quite bad song but as soon as the song The way i am starts of the whole EP is saved. The way i am speaks to the most basic instinct in my latent pop-gene's with it's happy feeling and catchy handclaps. A phenomenal song that saves an otherwise boring EP.
The EP is still up for sale at:
Oi! the boat
Rebellion Records

6 kommentarer:

  1. Is it really already three years now that this record was released?!? Damn it, I get old... Always wanted to have it but also always missed it somehow and so thank a lot for putting it up, good stuff, even you're right, it's especially "THE WAY I AM" that makes this 7'' a good choice!!!

  2. apparently there is a new track on the "United We Stand" comp on durty mick records, which I now have to buy just for the one track, its the one thing I've always hated about being a Templars(carl/phil) fan, I feel like I never know whats being released unless I just stumble upon it on accident. thank you Noi!se I guess


    1. Had no idea. This Swede dont mind that song tumbling into his hotmail account in the near future hrrrmmm hrrrmmm

  3. i'm sure you already got this but just in case

    1. As a matter of fact i didnt so thanks a bunch Dan.

  4. http://hammersmithnyc.bigcartel.com/product/stamford-bridge-solstice-demo-7, I already ordered mine, here's hoping it doesn't sound like shit (coughing Pure Brick Wall Recordings cough cough)