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fredag 27 juli 2012

This weeks re-ups

V/A - American skinheads armed with the truth LP (2006)
V/A - Oi! it's a world invasion Vol.2 CD (1995)
V/A - Oi! it's a world invasion Vol.3 CD (1997)
45 adapters - Not one more day 7'' (2009)
Warzone - Demo (1990)
Templars - 1118-1312 10'' (1998)
Empire falls - Rekindling the fire (1997)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Bernardo - there's a video that's been circulating on the interweb recently that you might be interested in.

    Is this oi!, do you think?



    1. No way Oi! in my book but still "skinhead-relevant" since it's mood-rock (or whatever hipster tag people want to use for it). Cant say i like it but still respect its existence, though i didnt really like Jenny when she did her solo-stuff either.

    2. I know that people like to make fun of Jenny, but I don't have a problem with her. She seems to mean well.

      I've got a couple of her songs on compilations that I thought were sort of okay, but I don't ever see myself buying any of her records. Unless maybe someone puts one on eBay for a couple of pounds.

      This is quite funny though: