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torsdag 12 juli 2012

Harrington saints - Sounds of the streets 7'' (2007)

01. Working class friday night
02. Don't blame me
03. Sounds of the streets
04. Razors in the night (Live) (Blitz cover)

Released by Pirates Press Records in 2007.

Some streetpunk/Oi! bands really get the sound right (Noi!se) and most of them fall flat on some candycoated perverse crossculture ride that only lucky13 punks could enjoy. This release and for most parts this whole band lands somewhere inbetween the two. Most of their songs are unbearably bad but on every bloody EP they seem to throw in a little gem that suits my taste to the spot. This EP's little gem is Sounds of the streets that reminds me of something inbetween Cock Sparrer and the modern more rockin' Oi! sound from Texas.
Their livetribute to Nidge isnt bad at all..... it's just not Blitz performing it.
The record can still be bought at:
Pirates Press
Rude Kids Crew

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    1. Don't know what was wrong but i seem to have fixed it now. Think there was to many letters in the filename or something.