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onsdag 18 juli 2012

Harrington saints - Bootstraps 7'' (2009)

01. Bootstraps
02. City on fire

Released by Longshot in 2009.

After almost two days of picking mushrooms and berries in the forest (it's true) and being eaten half to death by mosquitos it's nice to be back in the concrete heaven.
This little EP was released as a sneakpeak to their quite awefull full-length called Dead broke in the USA. Just like the full-length it just stinks of US streetpunk and "produced by Lars Frederiksen" (dont know if he did but it sure sounds like the other things he's been behind). Good thing though is that it contains one of the very few good songs from that album, namely Bootstraps. Bootstraps is a song that can be compared to eating a whole bag full of crisps and washing them down with a plus-size menu from McDonalds, it's in no way good for you but still you do it (and cry a bit afterwards). The song is Oi! interpreted by people who grew up on Rancid but as happy and bouncy as it might be they still win me over with a damn catchy chorus and what sounds like som electic pipeorgan in the background (almost piano!!!).
Listen to it, sing along and cry a bit afterwards.
Can still be bought at:
Durty Mick
Pirate Press

1 kommentar:

  1. I never truly cared about Harrington Saints either way (heard them on the split with Volxsturm, DL'ed some stuff) but after I saw them live recently here in Germany I have to admit, that their live show was pretty damn awesome. Obviously not your hard & heavy Oi!, but imo anything but bad.

    And their new release just kicks all kinds of ass (or is completely ridiculous).