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måndag 16 juli 2012

Harrington saints & Slick 46 - Split 7'' (2008)

01. Harrington saints - Claret & blue
02. Harrington saints - Pub song
03. Slick 46 - Lies and tricks
04. Slick 46 - For you, not me

Released by Longshot in 2008.

A split with the Australian Oi!sters in Slick 46. Both bands are a bit to softOi! for me (Cock sparrer as main influence probably) but both bands have made great tunes that stick to your head. Uneven bands to say the least and this split is no differant from their other albums.

Harrington saints start it of with the fantastic West Ham United tribute called Claret and blue that they later re-released on the fantastic (and damn good looking) split they did with Booze & glory in 2010. Their second song is a complete miss though and probably as cliché as a skinheadsong can ever become without adding streetfights to the theme.

Slick 46's side works way better and feels more even. Both songs are good but "For you, not me" is by far the best one.
Worth picking up if you don't hyave it already.
Record is sold out by most stores but you can still pick it up at Deadbeat Records and Pug Music

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