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måndag 23 juli 2012

Skrapyard - Demo cassette (2010)

01. 9 to 5
02. Fence walker
03. Blind
04. Boys in blue
05. Skrapyard

Thanks to The wizard for the demo.

Oi!-core band (or hardcoreband with shaved members) from Chicago playing aggressive oldschool punk in the same vein as Negative approach mixed in with the attitude and hardcoresound of 86 Mentality.

First thing that strikes me is the ridiculous coverart on the cassette with dead pregnant women and a skinhead killing cats and setting fires to a whole basket of little kittens. One quickly understand that the band wants their nails in the listeners eyes for the rest of the experience and this is where i loose all intrest. As i said its hardcore of the old school which means that 70% of the lyrics are completely impossible to hear so any person looking for a message can just stop listening right here.
I have a hard time liking these more crusty HC bands but i somwhat like the last song on the cassette. I will give them some time and wait for a studioalbum to really see if these kids got anything intresting in store for us.

Liveshow in Chicago last year

2 kommentarer:

  1. They remind you of 86 Mentality because in the video you posted they're playing 86 Mentality's "Life Trap" ;)

    1. Haha yeah i know, the whole demo wrecks of 86 mentality though asfar as my ear for hardcoremusic tells me.