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onsdag 11 juli 2012

Battle ruins - ST 7'' (2010)

01. Blood eagle
02. Traitors stomped out
03. Warpaths ahead
04. Heart of fire and stone

Realeased by Rock'N'Roll Disgrace in 2010.

Might be a little bit to recent to be uploaded but as i searched around i couldnt find it in any stores adn to my knowledge it is sold out completly.

Same stuff as on the demo but a whole lot better productionvalue on the songs. It all sounds a bit cleaner and more "Black Sabbathy" this time around. Great EP but i must admit i miss the song Cut Blood Line that was on the demo, couldnt they have replaced Traitors Stomped Out instead.
A truly intresting sound they got going on here and i am intrested in hearing a full-length by the band.

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