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lördag 21 juli 2012

Harrington saints - Dead broke in the USA CD (2009)

01. Dead broke in the USA
02. Pub song
03. Bootstraps
04. Guilty
05. Riot city Dublin
06. Working class friday night
07. Let's go
08. Fistfull of brass
09. King's schilliag
10. A nation divided

Released by Longshot in 2009.

Oh lord where do i start with this fucking record... its all to fucking easy both musically and lyrically. As much i like cliché lyrics about streetfighting and going to the pub this takes the fucking price. Every single song is constructed around some popish streetpunk with lyrics about drinking a beer, being workingclass and rebelling against the system (somehow, they never tell us how to actually acheive something). Bootstraps and Guilty are good songs i have to give them that but since they are followed by complete shittfests like Pubsong and Let's go (damn i hate that song) they are easilly forgotten. The hight of all anger is acheived when i listen to the song A nation divided where they use lyrics like "the white man in the mansion says i dont care while the kid in the ghetto says get me outta here". How nice that a punkband adds fire to the fuel of missconception of the "white man" (me) being rich and in power....... fuck this band and fuck their kindergarten messed up unrealistic racial views of society. How nice that even the Oi! movement now has a band that blames "the white man" (me). Fuck them and fuck them again.

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  1. Fuck these white guilt ridden faggots.....this ain't Oi!....just weak ass music for weak ass queers. Ol' Roddy would be proud of these cock smokers.