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söndag 1 juli 2012

The choice & No motive - Split 7'' (1996)

01. The choice - Cup of reality
02. The choice - Stupid fools
03. No motiv - White cars
04. No motiv - True reality

Released by It's Alive Records in 1996.

Thanks to Shane for the album.

I was in for a pleasent surprise when i got this album sent to me. Never had the chance to hear this album and since i never quite liked The choice i didnt expect to much from it. I wont go searching for their old albums in my crates (i even think i sold them on E-bay to be honest) but in recall them to be a lot softer than they where on this release. Their opening song is a chaotic song somewhat reminding me about Blind society mixed with the harder UK hardcorepunk of the 80's. Their second song called Stupid fools is an antiracist song with a slower and more "Oi!-feeling" to it and almost as excellent as the first song. A great A-side from a band i probably never gave a fair chance.

No motive is a whole other story though. This is your run of the mill skatepunk/"highschool HC" and my guess is they have made several tours with Rancid sponsored by both Vans and Eastpack but i simply dont care enough to even google their bandname. Bullshit music for bullshit people.

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