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onsdag 1 augusti 2012

Nobody's fool - Demo (2012)

01. We'll show you
02. Pub (Darkbuster cover)
03. Ballad of the mini mart
04. Drinking nights

(Note that this is an exclusive teaser before the "re-release" of the Nobody's fool 10'' released later this year on Shout Proud Records. The real release will not feature any of these songs but will instead be a straight pressing of their old EP. For more info on the release and more records from SP check them out on myspace.)

Thanks to Dirk on Shout Proud Records for sending it and also thanks to Rob and the rest of the bandmembers for letting me upload it.

Nobody's fool is one of those bands that remain unknown by most but with their old record and their feature on Skinheads armed with the truth they found their way into both the recordplayer and heart of this old Swede. Their song Take back the scene from the We'll show you record is just like Chapter 21's song United in anger one of those songs i listen to atleast once a week and never seem to get tired of. With this said it's quite clear that i was psyched when i heard about SP Records was finally gonna release it. The 10'' will be out later this year but untill then enjoy these never before released songs (well two of them atleast) on behalf of the band and Shout Proud Records.

Both We'll show you and Drinking nights where featured on the upload i did some years ago so i'll jump right on the new tracks. Making a coversong of a Darkbustersong is destined to fail in my book. Never liked them and never cared much about the band but all i know is that this version is as sweet as it is short. The best song on the demo though is Ballad of the mini mart, as chaotic (and probably drunken) as it is it suits the theme perfectly. Even though the song is about underage drinking and shoplifting i get a heavy Patriot vibe from it. I know atleast i can relate since back in the 90's a famous Swedish beercompany called Pripps Blå decided it was a good idea to give away a free sportbag if a customer bought 4 sixpacks. The way they went about promoting this was by stacking the sportbags near the counter filled with the sixpacks.... we where 15, skinny and had more energy than the sad and lonely worker behind the counter. These bags that we called "rackpacks" resulted in many drunken afternoons and many, many, many sportbags tucked away in my closet still to this day.

With United Riot releasing old Vibram 94 songs and now this release i am actually psyched to be a collector of American Oi! again.

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