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fredag 17 augusti 2012

Steel toe solution - S/T 7'' (2000)

01. Dick in the dirt
02. Little boy blue
03. Slave
04. Wrong side of the pond

Released by Headache Records in 2000.

Nowdays infamous band from New Jersey that started in 1997 with Reverend "TD" Sinister from Hub City stompers (will get to them in the future) on vocals, Bill Hanilay from Floorpunch Infamy on guitar (replaced by Bern Menthe in 1998) and Gerry Diagelakis on bass (the drummers where to numerous to mention). Their first release was this EP in 2000 and was followed by their discography album called The eight year war in 2005 (also this one on Headache). In 2007 "TD" left the band to focus on Hub city stompers so the band was putt on ice. Gerry Diagelakis went on to start the punkband Decrepit Youth with Rich Sunyak (who played drums for Steel Toe Solution during their later years).
In 2011 they made a breif reunion for a couple of shows but no real "comeback" has been announced.

Even though the band is alright i have always liked "TD"'s skaband better. Even though he might write superb songs his style of singing reminds me a bit to much about Murphy's Law to go down without pain.
All 4 of these earlier songs made it on their 2005 CD and are all of high standards but as i just mentioned "TD"'s way of singing takes away any Oi!-feeling on most songs (especially Wrong side of the pond where he almost bursts out in a fullblown rap).
It's a legendary record in all it's glory but nothing more.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Wrong side of the Pond is the funniest damn song I have heard in a long time. I have to say, being a limey wanna be I could not stop laughing.

    I don't know if I'd call this OI! it seemed more like metal/hardcore to me. And I swear at times I heard him singing with an English accent.

    Great post.


    Brian Guy

    1. Yeah i have noticed some typical Cockney words in his lyrics to which makes the Wrong side of the pond even funnier since it feels as if he pisses himself in the face. Even though most of their songs are far from great i always liked their lyrics that are a notch over the majority of stale subcultural standards. Gotta love a US band that doesnt talk about football to.