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onsdag 15 augusti 2012

Los greenkardz - Miami Oi! machine CD (2006)

01. Gente demente
02. Atake preventivo
03. Niños en las calles
04. Rock de identidad

Released by the band in 2006.

A five-piece from Miami/Florida playing Oi! in Spanish. The band ended in 2008 as far as i know and i don't have a qlue where the members went after that.
They played a couple of shows in the Miami area and even did a gig with the then newly reformed Battlezone, something that rubbs me the wrong way when i found out they had connections to the local fractions of the ARA & RASH (Red & Anarchist SkinHeads). Seems they let their will to play in front of a bigger audience made them forget all those commiebashing songs by Battlezone.

It's an ok record even though it's a bit short but the first song is actually really good and reminds me about Ultima Asalto (but without the childeating brutal vocals offcourse). It's hard to say anything about the soso songs since i dont know Spanish, another thing that rubbs me the wrong way. I know we all have different views on what Oi! is all about but to me it has always had a somewhat tie-in to patriotism or atleast antional unity in some way. I'm not pointing fingers and getting on a soapbox about who is unpatriotic and who is but having a band in America and only playing for the "latino" part of the scene (second/third/fourth/whatever generation) seems all wrong. Well atleast it sounds better than the embarrassing mumblings of some of the "latino" bands who cant even speak proper English even though they are born Americans (Boots with pride i am looking at you).
The record can still be bought at Adler-Versand.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Haha... fuck it, bought this CD some years ago and have it since then standing and collecting dust in my record collection... If you ask me, then the problem with this band is not the RASH crap (even I thought they would just have been a SHARP band) and also on this Oi! needs to be patriotic I personally don't really agree on even you're point is correct, yes, that this pseudo-"elitist" bullshit with just singing exclusively for one part of the scene fucking sucks is totally right. But I think the biggest problem with this band is simple the fact, that they play bullshit non-sense pseudo-"Oi!" musick, and so really five points for them... haha... for downloading okay, but buying it... was a big mistake... ;-)
    Check out AGGRESSIVE COMBAT (especially their "SURVIVE" MCD), I think from Spain, but singing in English, and really good stuff. Also A.S.C.O. are pretty good (even far more Streetpunk than Oi!), I think also pretty much a RASH band or so and also singing in Spanish, but after they come from there... ;-)
    Btw, I would have never thought that this whole RASH stuff would be anyhow strong or even existing in the U.S.?!?!?

  2. Okay, I haven't listened to this yet and to be honest if I saw this at a record store, I'm not even sure I'd buy it and it has nothing to do with it songs being in Spanish.
    My problem is the fact that it looks like more of an advert that an album cover. If you have to say "street punk" on your album or even worse yet "Miami Oi Machine" (which is a horrible tag line if you ask me) that doesn't sound like a band that is really part of any scene but wants to be part of the scene.
    And the name Los Greenkardz? Sounds like a bad metal band from the '80's, when everyone had to turn the letter S into Z, I hatted it when metal bands did it I REALLY hate it when Punk/Oi bands do it.
    As for them singing in Spanish well they are from Miami, which is largely hispanic so, I can kind of understand that (no pun intended), but by not singing in English, you are not going to draw much of a following outside of the Hispanic community, which as far as I know doesn't have a large amount of Oi fans.
    I've heard of RASH skins here in the states, but I don't think I've ever met any of them


    Brian Guy

    1. Guess its like RASH skins here in Sweden. Ive used to see stickers promoting their community about 2 years go in my hometown but cant figure out who they where.

  3. Los Greenkardz are a well-respected band by true Florida skinheads, from St. Pete to Orlando to South Florida. They have a cd which was recorded afterwards and was never released which does have songs in English (so your point about being only for Spanish-speakers is moot). As for Brian Guy's point, wev'e been skinheads since before you were in grade school, so what the fuck are you talking about being part of a scene? RASH is the biggest skinhead crew in Central Florida and Miami.

    1. Since youre a member of the abnd i wont take any claims that you are "well respected" seriously. And my point about you making songs for SPanish speaking is not "moot" since the album is in fucking Spanish mate!!!!

      Never ment to slagg anyone of and i never mentioned anyone by name so me not liking the band stands for itself and you can make the same choice and either like it or hate it. Live with it.

  4. Anyone can ask members of Southeast Firm, Howitzer (with former members of Bricks and Bottles) and Die Trying! what they think of Los Green Kardz, and considering most people that read this blog are not even in the U.S or Latin America, whether they believe my statements or not is of no significance whatsoever. Like I said in my prior comment, not all Los Green Kardz songs were in Spanish (in the unreleased cd), and even if they were, who cares because whether its in English, Spanish, Russian, Malay or whatever, Oi! is not ethnocentric. I was really responding more to Brian Guy, and his idiotic statements because he can't really judge a cd on an aesthetic basis without listening to it. I don't see the connection between patriotism and singing in that country's language considering that there are many European bands that sing exclusively in English so does that make them any less patriotic? I'm not a member of Los Green Kardz but a close friend, and the last song "Rock de Identidad" (Identity Rock), says "un rock patriota, anticapitalista" (patriotic, anticapitalist rock). Latin American patriotism is very different from the imperialist patriotism of Bush, Obama, etc. because its more about struggling against those oppressing you rather than invading other countries to uphold the interests of a few. At least Sweden has a long history of non-intervention and friendship with other countries. With that said, quite a few of us like Swedish bands like Perkele, Agent Bulldogg, and Guttersnipe.