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söndag 12 augusti 2012

Call to arms - Dead end youth CD (2005)

01. Intro
02. Dead end youth
03. Living on the outside
04. America's forgotten son
05. Growing up
06. Fallen warrior
07. Born to booze
08. Down for the count
09. Here to stay
10. Call to arms
11. Breaking the law (Judas priest cover)

Released by Brutus Records in 2005.

A band from South Bay area in California with members from Nobody's fools playing Oi! with some influenses of streetrock and hardcore. The band wasnt active for a long time and this was their only official release. After the band broke up some of the members went on to form Factory minds.

To be honest this is a quite mediocre Oi! band and none of their songs will blow your mind in any way, with that said they still had some solid songs on the CD. On some song they venture a bit to deep into the lands of streetpunk and punkrock for my taste (Growing up) and some tracks that are good get destroyed by a drummer that overappretiates his own skills with the sticks (Born to booze) or an overusage of backup chants. When the band strays more into their hardcore influences i like them more like on the track Call to arms. The most "Oi!sounding" song and probably the best one is Fallen soldier, a good and heavy song with lyrics about fallen heroes that are long gone to tell their tales of glory.

Nothing extrodinary but if you enjoy a mixture of hardcore buildups and (lets say) The broadsiders you will surely enjoy this band.
The CD can still be bought at
Brutus (ecrater)

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