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onsdag 8 augusti 2012

Ten hole bootboys - Strictly for the streets (Somewhat complete discography)

01. Smashing faces
02. Finnished with a boot
03. Tough days
04. Two nights of glory
05. A friend you won't remain
06. Ten hole bootparty
07. We are the bootboys
08. Everyday struggle
09. True till death!
10. Pulling on the boots (Romper stomper)

A young band from California that i dont believe exists anymore. They never released anything except an online EP called Strictly for the streets in 2008 (all songs included in upload). They recorded a ton of songs though and i believe this is the majority of them.

Their sound is far from tight and pollished and what others might hear as shit i hear as something somewhat true to the 90's US sound lacking any of the latest years streetpunk influenses. To me they sound like an amateur hybrid of Boot party and Oxblood with a little bit of Bovver Wonderland thrown into some of the songs.

Most of the songs uploaded here don't really deliver but some are actually really, really good. My favourite one's are Two nights of glory and True till death.

Might not be the best you have heard in a longtime but where the recordingquality lacks the band makes up in pure anger.

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