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torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Some info for the comming week and some new re-ups.

I am getting married the 1st of September and without ton of money in the bank or rich parents to cash in we have to do everything ourselfs basicly (baking, cookin going to Germany for cheap booze and on and on and on). Add to this the fact that i study full-time and have to pay my bills in one way or the other i have near to no free time which means my sites will be put on ice untill this bullshit is over with. Will be back in full force in September.
Untill then these are the latest re-uploads as requested.

Bad assets - Demo (2009)
Last laugh - Memories not forgotten CD (2006)
The uprise - Unreleased Link LP (recorded 1988)
The wretched ones - Make it happen LP (2007)
Templars - Biaus seignors freres (2000)
Empire falls & So fucking what - Split 7'' (2004)
Banner of hope - Waiting at the barricades 7'' (1994)
Banner of hope - Carry on chaos 7'' (1996)
Boot Party - Yer fate 7'' (1995)

5 kommentarer:

  1. all the best hope all goes well

  2. Have you managed to get your byrd to cut her hair like and dress like Jenny Woo (you know, a bit like in the movie 'Vertigo', but with skinheads) yet?

    Seriously though - congrats and good luck!


    1. Never been much into skingirls to be honest and never liked the Chelsea look. It's nothing but fashion and if she was into that we would probably never have meet.

  3. Oi mate! What about R.A.Peadophiles vol.2? UK or US bands? US should include Agnostic Front song on this topic.

    Cheers from Slovakia

    1. Got a UK, US and International one comming soon. DOwnside is that the quality of the songs are so diverse so putting them together is sort of hard.