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söndag 5 augusti 2012

Fighting 405 - The fighting 405 CD (2009)

01. Worker's world
02. Die for your deeds
03. Angry mob
04. Give back the man
05. Integrity
06. Broken man
07. Revenge
08. Fallen friends
09. Middle class
10. Drink up
11. Biography
12. Alterboy gone sour

Released by Motherbox Records in 2009.

The band like most of their like come from the backstreets of New York (Long Island to be correct) and consists of Matt Legrady and Steve Morton on vocals and guitars, Carlos Flynn on bass and Mike Simensen on drums. They play punkrock with lyrics about workers rights, working mans struggle and working mans life etc etc etc.

I have never been a huge fan off the whole "Irish unionworkers making softpunk" genre and all that comes with it and the band has never claimed to be Oi! or even skinhead-related so for me to rip and trash them on a site about Oi! wouldnt really be fair.
When i first heard them i listened to the song Middle class on a comp, a song that is one of their more "Oi!ier" songs and a fucking great one at that. Little did i know that their album would be a whole other deal more in the veins of bands such as Street dogs, Social distortion and Hudson falcons. Even though that music isnt for me i can still say i quite enjoyed some of the songs like Revenge where they even sound a bit like Stiff little fingers and Those unknown.
Even though the music they make is far from what i prefer it's still a decent album, probably even superb if your a fan of Hudson falcons and their likes.
The record can also be downloaded free of charge from the bands site. Dowload

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