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onsdag 19 september 2012

American jihad - War at home CD (2009)

A sort of sideproject band from California playing pissed of and fast punk/HC with a vigilante attitude against the government. Like most other bands in that genre it's drenched soaking wet in both conspiracy theories and some quite "unAmerican views" but more on that later.

The member that i think most know of is Pat Hall on drums that used to play guitar in the phenomenal Bonecrusher but many might also know the masked avenger behind the mic, namely Jay O'Brien who traded out his drumposition in bands such as Allday and T.S.O.L. for this frontspot.

As far as i know this is the band only release and the stuff ended as soon as it started with no intention to keep the band alive.

01. War at home
02. Cardinal Mahoney
03. Right wing wack job
04. 26 shots
05. Sober chronies
07. Napalm a Go-Go
08. New start
09. Morality
10. 48 hours
11. Proud nation
12. Shut your mouth
13. Tagged a traitor

Released by Black Tongue Records in 2009.

The bandname is a hint on the bands message (even though most of it should be taken for what it is, a joke) and they dont pull any punches when it comes to delivering rebellious anthems for the underclass misfits. One sole mission, tear the shit down and burn as many churches as you can while doing it!

As liberal as i might be i am seriously starting to support their last mission, namely burning churches and as leftybands say fuck the nation and most Oi! bands wave the flag like never before this band stands apart with their own little cruzade against ignorance.

The band deliver some valid points on songs like Cardinal Mahoney (a song against childmolesters and catholics which seem to go hand in hand these days) and it's refreshing to hear a US band making songs against religeon (all of them) and even one that take a pro-abortion stance (seriously dont we have people enough crowding our parkinglots). All these thing go down without pain but as they start talking about Hurricane Katrina being used to cover up a civil uprising they loose me completly, mm no that didnt happen.

As much bullshit i write i havnt even toughed on the actual music yet. To be honest there aint really much to get here since most songs sound the same. A bit lazy and a bit to noizy for my taste but fans of Allday or even more politically incorrect bands like Pitboss 2000 and The 96 brigade might like this, just dont take it to seriously.

Band performing their song Cardinal Mahoney at DiPazzas

8 kommentarer:

  1. burn churches? I'd rather see mosques burn

  2. Even they may mean it serious (and I think they do so) this is more sort of Comedy Punk for me than anything else... not bad by any means and also they make some truly good points for sure, but all is just too far over the top, if you know what I mean. The comparision to the 96 Brigade is pretty good, even both bands might disagree on this...;-)

  3. I have to admit that I really enjoyed this. Burning Churches I thought that was a Danish thing to do? LOL.


    Brian Guy

    1. I think you mean Norwegian thing (if your talking about the Burzum/Varg incident) but all Scandinavians with backbone and knowledge about their heritage should partake in such events ;)

  4. Haha, and maybe not only every backboned Viking from the North of old mother Europe :D !!! Love the old Norway Black Metal stuff, Emperor, Mayhem, Burzum, Dark Throne, etc. pp., even the mentioned bands weren't maybe the best friends anyhow. Was a great scenery, maybe more Punk than Punk itself, with all that church burning, war hailing, satan worshippin', gay stabbing, people off pissing, violence preaching, drug taking, not so all PC stuff going on up there back in the days ;-) !!!
    - Manslaughter Andy

  5. Shit you're right I was thinking of the Norwegian thing. I even read the book Lords of Chaos and got that wrong.


    Brian Guy

  6. 96 brigade singer18 oktober 2012 08:59

    hey this is josh from the 96 brigade. i've seen these guys live once. great show. i have to say, i can definitely appreciate their sarcasm.